LED Sunflower

$70.00 $85.00

Sunflower with LED lights displayed on a wooden base and with a removable glass cover.

The sunflower is real and is dried and preserved.

Zero Maintenance
Your preserved sunflower will stay beautiful for 3 years if you do not give it sun or moisture. Keep indoor out of direct sunlight and that’s it. 

Ready to Gift
A fun unboxing whether it’s a gift for yourself or a loved one. This LED Sunflower comes in a black gift box with a bow and a “care” card. 

What happens after the 3 years?
The sunflower will eventually wilt like a sunflower does.

On/Off switch for the LED lights is at the bottom of the wooden base. 3 AAA batteries required.

Small: 6" diameter x 8.75” tall
Large: 6.9" diameter x 9.5" tall

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