Care Instructions and FAQ July 29 2015, 6 Comments

How Do I Care For My Forever Love Flowers?

Our flowers are indoor plants and need to be kept away from direct sun. That's it.

Some people enjoy watering their plants! If this is you, yes, you may mist the flowers if you'd like, as what happens is the flowers close up. They open up again as the moisture dries. 

Your flowers will not dry and bloom if your vase has a lid and you keep the lid on. ;P

If you do nothing, the flowers will stay bloomed.


DO NOT pour water into the vase. This is to prevent over-watering. You do not need to water your Forever Love Flowers, ever. For fun, if you'd like to see the flowers close and bloom again, then mist the flowers with a mister spray bottle. 5 mists is plenty to make the flowers close. Give it 20 seconds to see the magic happen!

DO NOT leave flowers in direct sun for more than 15 minutes unless your flowers are very wet from over-watering and you need to dry out the water. 

Where Can I Get A Spray Bottle?

Spray bottles are included with every item on our website besides the Keychain and Heart vases. The enclosed nature of these vases do not allow moisture to dry quickly so we do not recommend watering the Keychain or Heart vases.

Wait. What are these magical flowers?

Check out our About Us page for more info on the flowers.

How long does it take for the flowers to bloom?

That fully depends on how wet the flowers are and how cold/warm the room is. On average, however, if lightly misted, it takes the flowers a couple of hours to dry and bloom open again.

My flowers won't bloom. What happened?

If the flowers are closed up, it means they are wet. So if your flowers are having a hard time drying, it could be because they got too much water.

Please note: if the vase has a lid such as the Egg vase, then you will have to remove the lid in order for the flowers to dry.

You can put your item in the sun in 15 minute increments. First, if some flowers are wet/closed and some are dry/open, then spray the open ones so the flowers will dry evenly in the sun. Do check on them every 15 minutes because depending on how wet your flowers are and how hot the sun is, the time it takes will vary. Leaving them in direct sun for too long will result in over-heating and may damage the flowers.