About Us

Forever Love Flowers are unique strawflowers (zerochrysum bracteatum) that will last a lifetime*. Native to Australia, the flowers will close up when sprayed lightly with a mist of water and will bloom when they dry. No watering is required. The flowers open and close depending on the humidity and moisture level. If watered, the flowers close up. When the water dries, the flowers will bloom again. They will do this over and over for 10 years.


In 2012, actress Sheena Chou was traveling in Taiwan visiting family when she discovered the extraordinary blooms. She fell in love with the delicate buds and vibrant colors and was excited to bring them back to the U.S. Since then, Forever Love Flowers has sold throughout greater Los Angeles, California at The Grove, Westfield Century City, Glendale Galleria, Hollywood & Highland, 626 Night Market and OC Night Market, Jackalope Art Fair, Brentwood Arts Festival, Patchwork Show, Orange County Marketplace, Melrose Trading Post and throughout the nation at Sam's Clubs, as well as participated in an MTV Movie Awards gifting suite.


In 2015, Forever Love Flowers won the Best Maker Award at the California Gift Show.


Forever Love Flowers arrangements are hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind pieces made with real flowers! Custom colors and special pricing for events are available. Please contact info@foreverloveflowers.com for more information.




*Forever Love Flowers have been preserved through a gentle drying process. If directions are followed properly, Forever Love Flowers may last 10 years.