About Us

Forever Love Flowers are tiny strawflowers that have been dried through a proprietary process that allows them to look lively and vibrant for many years without any care. Strawflowers (Xerochrysum bracteatum) are in the same family as daisies and sunflowers and the very unique thing about tiny strawflowers is that they naturally close up into tiny buds when its petals touch water. The closed-up buds re-bloom open to full tiny size (half an inch!) when the moisture dries off of the petals. Though our floral arrangements are technically dried and preserved flowers, forever love flowers still open and close with water! Forever love flowers are zero-maintenance but do need to be kept indoor, away from direct sunlight. 

Forever Love Flowers was founded in 2012 in California and had its first sale at 626 Night Market in 2013. Forever Love Flower arrangements are handcrafted with love and care and in 2015, Forever Love Flowers won the Best Maker Award at the California Gift Show.

Through the years, we have had pop-ups throughout California at night markets and handcraft shows such as 626 Night Market, Melrose Trading Post and Jackalope Art Fair. We also had mall kiosks at The Grove, Westfield Century City, Glendale Galleria and Hollywood & Highland. We were also at several Sam's Clubs throughout the U.S. through a partnership with Smart Circle.

Post-pandemic, we will be back at night markets and festivals in California. 'Til then, you can shop online!