About Us

Forever Love Flowers is a small woman-run American company with the flagship product of tiny Xerochrysum bracteatum, also known as strawflowers or the golden everlasting flowers, that have been dried to last a lifetime. Xerochrysum bracteatum is an annual in the Gnaphalieae group, which is in the huge Asteraceae, or Compositae family, and are related to daisies and sunflowers. Strawflowers naturally close up into tiny buds when its petals touch water. The closed-up buds re-bloom open to full tiny size (half an inch!) when the moisture dries. Through a proprietary extra gentle non-toxic process, forever love flowers still open and close with water. Although zero-maintenance, forever love flowers need to be kept indoor, away from direct sunlight.

Forever Love Flowers was founded in 2012 in California and had its first sale at 626 Night Market in 2013. In 2015, Forever Love Flowers won the Best Maker Award at the California Gift Show. Since then, Forever Love Flowers has done pop ups throughout California at 626, OC and Nor Cal Night Markets, Melrose Trading Post, FoodieLand, LA Cookie Con, Jackalope Art Fair and Patchwork show to name a few. Local pop up kiosks include The Grove, Westfield Century City, Glendale Galleria and Hollywood & Highland. National pop up kiosks include Sam's Clubs throughout the U.S.

Forever Love Flowers is a 4-person team in Southern California. Our online store currently only ships within the U.S. 

We will be back at night markets and festivals when large gatherings are ok again! 'Til then, we will take great care in shipping our flowers to your and your loved ones' doors.